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Designing Clinical Research EPI 150.03 and EPI 202)
These courses provide instruction in developing a clinical research question and creating a concise protocol that includes literature review, study design, subject sampling and recruitment, instruments and other measurement approaches, sample size, consent form, budget and timetable. Each trainee reviews and supports the work of colleagues. The course closely follows the textbook Designing Clinical Research, by S. Hulley and other TICR faculty, now in its third edition. EPI 150.03 is intended for undergraduate and professional students as well as clinical residents. EPI 202 is intended for doctoral students, fellows, or faculty members.

Epidemiologic Methods (EPI 203)
Instruction in clinical research study design; measures of disease occurrence and disease association; the different mechanisms of bias in clinical research (selection, measurement, and confounding); and a conceptual approach to multivariable analysis.

Clinical Epidemiology (EPI 204)
Instruction in the research implications of evidence-based clinical medicine, including the specifications of diagnostic tests, screening tests, and prognostic tests.

Biostatistical Methods for Clinical Research I (BIOSTAT 200)
Introduction to descriptive statistics, distributions, probabability, exploratory data analysis, and selected variable parametric and non-parametric inference. The STATA software package will be used throughout to implement concepts learned in class and to allow scholars to begin to explore their own data.

Database Management Systems for Clinical Research (EPI 218)
Instruction in choosing the appropriate data management system; design of research databases; options in data entry; form and report generation; computer security; and budgeting for data management personnel and equipment.

Introduction to Statistical Computing in Clinical Research (BIOSTAT 212) Instruction in use of statistical software for exploring and analyzing clinical research data. While the roles of spreadsheet and relational database programs will be discussed, the course will focus on the STATA statisical software package for analyzing and presenting data.