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 EPI 242

Program Evaluation in
Clinical and Public Health Settings
EPI 242 Spring 2017 (1.5 units)


This course will familiarize students with different types of program and intervention evaluation, including needs assessment, formative research, process evaluation, monitoring of outputs and outcomes and impact assessment. Scholars will learn how to develop an evaluation plan and use systematically collected information about a program or intervention to: understand whether and how the program is meeting its stated goals and objectives; improve program effectiveness; and/or make decisions about future programming.  This course will focus on evaluation conducted in clinical and public health settings.

Course learning objectives include:

  • Explain the main concepts/terms and key elements used in program evaluation;
  • Understand the role of evaluation in planning and implementing health programs;
  • Explore diverse types/approaches and models used in program evaluation in public health and clinical settings;
  • Become familiar with methods and data collection strategies used in program evaluation; and
  • Identify effective dissemination strategies for the results of evaluation.



Course Director:

Janet Myers, PhD, MPH
Phone: 415-597-8168
email: janet.myers@ucsf.edu


Each session will consist of 90 minutes of didactic material and/or case studies. Sessions will be held on Thursdays from 2:45 PM to 4:15 PM, April 6 through June 8.


Evaluation by Carol Weiss. Prentice Hall. 2nd edition. 1997.

The book may be purchased either through the publisher or a variety of commercial venues (e.g., Amazon.com).


Evaluation of student performance will be based on successful completion of weekly homework assignments and the final project presentation.

Students not in full-year TICR Programs who satisfactorily pass all course requirements will, upon request, receive a Certificate of Course Completion.

UCSF Graduate Division Policy on Disabilities


This course is open to a limited number of individuals outside of the ATCR and Master's programs. Preference is given to UCSF-affiliated personnel. We regret that auditing is not permitted.

To apply for this course, please fill out and submit the application below. Please see our fees page for cost information. The deadline for application is March 17, 2017. Only one application needs to be completed for all courses desired during the quarter.

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