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 EPI 212

Publishing & Presenting Clinical Research
EPI 212 Spring 2018 (1 unit)


Design and execution are the first steps of a research project; publishing and disseminating the results are its culmination. By the end of this course, scholars should have an in-depth understanding of:

  • How to prepare a research abstract that is appropriate for submission to a scientific meeting or peer-reviewed journal;
  • The critical components of the introduction, methods, results, and discussion sections of a research manuscript;
  • The manuscript review process, both internally with co-authors and externally with a journal;
  • The art of presenting a specific research project as well as one’s overall scientific mission at scientific meetings; and
  • How to write about science for general readership, the general public, or policy-makers via opinion/editorial pieces and other perspectives approaches.

Course Director: Alison Huang, MD, MAS
email: alison.huang@ucsf.edu
Instructor: Carolyn Gibson, PhD
Email: carolyn.gibson2@va.gov
Lecturers: Louise Aronson, MD
Email: Louise.Aronson@ucsf.edu
  Vivek Jain, MD, MAS
Email: vivek.jain@ucsf.edu
  Margot Kushel, MD
Email: margot.kushel@ucsf.edu
Chief & Senior Editor Panelists: Deborah Grady, MD, MPH, JAMA Internal Medicine
Andrew Auerbach, MD, Journal of Hospital Medicine
Sue Yom, MD, PhD, International Journal for Radiation Oncology Biology Physics
Charles Irwin, Jr., MD, Journal of Adolescent Medicine
Stephen McCleod, MD, Ophthalmology


Course content will be delivered through 5 lectures. These lectures will take place every other Tuesday from 1:15 to 2:45 PM, from April 10 to June 5.

All course materials will be posted on the course's online syllabus. View the Course Introduction video for a further description of course objectives and logistics. 


Publishing and Presenting Clinical Research by Warren Browner. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. 3rd edition. 2012.

Note: The 2nd edition of the Publishing and Presenting Clinical Research by Warren Browner is available for free on Google Books.

Books may be purchased either through the publisher or a variety of commercial venues (e.g., Amazon.com).


Grades (Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory ONLY) will be based on completion of all assignments. Homework assignments are due at the start of each class (including the first class). Please note that late assignments are not accepted.

UCSF Graduate Division Policy on Disabilities


This course is for Advanced Training In Clinical Research Certificate Program and Masters Degree Program in Clinical Research students only.