Mission Hall Location


TICR Program Classes are held on the 1st and 2nd Floors of Mission Hall, located at the intersection of 4th Street and 16th Street on the UCSF Mission Bay Campus.  Mission Hall is a secure building meaning that all doors (other than those on 4th Street) require a UCSF ID badge with Mission Hall clearance to access.  The doors on 4th Street are open to the public, but all visitors are required to check in at the adjacent Reception Desk and/or show their UCSF ID badge to the guards. 

Training in Clinical Research Program
UCSF Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Box 0560
550 16th St., Floor 2
San Francisco, CA 94143

For Federal Express, UPS, etc deliveries:
Training in Clinical Research Program
UCSF Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Box 0560
550 16th St., Floor 2
San Francisco, CA 94158
Fax: 415-514-8150

Note:  Visitors without UCSF ID badge clearance for the 2nd floor to Mission Hall should go the Reception Desk on the 3rd Floor where they will be escorted to their 2nd floor destination.

Map of Mission Hall at UCSF Mission Bay Campus


There are a number of transit options for getting to the UCSF Mission Bay campus. The UCSF shuttle system serves all primary UCSF campuses.  Service is FREE to UCSF faculty, staff, students, patients, and visitors.


UCSF employees who already have a UCSF parking permit may park at certain Mission Bay garages. Please check your permit type to see which lots you are eligible to use. Public parking is also available at these lots on the Mission Bay campus:

  • 1630 Third Street Garage
    Located just north of 16th Street (very close to Mission Hall)
  • 1625 Owens Street Garage
    Located next to the Mission Bay Community Center
  • 1835 Owens Street Garge
    Located opposite the UCSF Benioff Medical Center

We applaud you for riding your bike!  There's a large indoor bike cage in the 3rd Street garage (closest to Mission Hall).  To park your bike there, you will need to physically go to the "Parking and Transportation Office" located in the Community Center garage (entrance on Owens Street) to register your bike.  Access to bike parking will then be added to your UCSF ID badge.


There are various locations on the first floor of Mission Hall for students to work or study, including The Hub (a place for students who wish to work together) and The Hideout (a quiet space for individual study similar to library carrels).

TICR Program students are also welcome to work in the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics on the 2nd Floor of Mission Hall.  TICR Program scholars may use one of several workstations designated as “TICR” and any unoccupied hotel spaces, available on a first come, first served basis, as well as numerous unreserved huddle and focus rooms located throughout the 2nd floor.  If you have trouble accessing the security door on the 2nd Floor using your UCSF ID, please let Agnes Ng know and she will get you added to the access list.


We have provided TICR Program students with a personal mailbox located on the 2nd Floor –Area 2K, cubicle #2653.  This is also where you will find the workstations of Agnes Ng and Clair Dunne.  We will put your graded homeworks and exams in these boxes, so please get in the habit of checking these periodically.


There are 3 wellness/lactation rooms in Mission Hall located on the 3rd in room 3414, 5th in room 5413, and 7th floors in room 7412.  If you would like access to these rooms, please let Agnes Ng know and she will request access be added to your UCSF ID badge.


There is a large open kitchen area as you enter the security door on the 2nd Floor. TICR Program students are welcome to use the kitchen. You are welcome to store your lunch in one of the 3 refrigerators, eat at one of the several tables, and to help yourself to coffee and tea.


The “UCSFguest” network is open to the public.  UCSF staff, trainees, and faculty who seek more secure access should use the “UCSFwpa” network.


There are two primary printing options on the 1st floor of Mission Hall and alternative options at the library in the Rutter Center.


Student Disability Services (SDS) is available to assist scholars in obtaining the services and accommodations you require to ensure equal access to all aspects of the UCSF experience.


There are several places to eat at Mission Bay, most located on the plaza between 3rd and 4th Street. There is also an extensive cafeteria on the first floor of the Mission Bay UCSF Hospital.